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Coralli Camping


Coralli Camping & Bungalows will provide you with the maximum possible care to ensure that every stay with us is safe, clean and comfortable. Therefore, we have implemented all the necessary precautionary measures in accordance with the Special Health Protocols under which tourist facilities operate in the context of taking measures against the coronavirus COVID-19, as the safety of our visitors and employees is primary and important for us. The measures taken by Coralli Camping & Bungalows are the following:

  • Your transfer to and from the port will be done by our bus, the maximum number of passengers is 5.
  • We will also ensure that your luggage is transported in a way that will not become a source of virus transmission.
  • Check in-Check out
  • Check in will be at 15:00, while Check out will be at 11:00.
  • Upon arrival, you must wear your mask upon entering Reception.
  • The floor manager will accompany you to the bungalows, explaining to you the procedure we follow for cleaning it, showing you the special cleaning form that we have formed.
  • In the same way, we will accompany you to the campsite, up to the place where you will camp, explaining to you the function of the common areas in the campsite.

Health protocol applications

  • Regular and continuous training of staff in accordance with all guidelines of the World Health Organization
  • Use of masks and visors where required.
  • Use disposable clothing for all cleaning staff.
  • Regular hand washing
  • Keeping distances in all common areas
  • Individual protection measures in all our departments.
  • We hold daily meetings with our employees to review any relevant situation.
  • Swimming Pool Closed For Season
  • We remove all shared cookware from the communal kitchen


  • Strict cleaning and disinfection of rooms with steam cleaners.
  • A/C will be disinfected in every check-out with a special solution.
  • Maintain the use of high-quality cleaners with antibacterial and antimicrobial action
  • Removal of products according to the instructions set by the health protocols.
  • Upon completion of the cleaning and disinfection of the bungalow, the floor manager will perform the final inspection before the check-in.
  • Everyday service in bungalows, change of towels or sheets or even general cleaning, will be done at the request of the customer.

Cleaning of common areas

  • Updated warning with personal hygiene instructions
  • Observance of personal protection measures
  • Disinfection of shared points of contact after each use by a customer.
  • Special stickers on the entrance doors of the common areas, that the space has been disinfected.
  • In public areas such as kitchens or washing machines, or children's toilets, special marking that entry is permitted upon request.

Restaurant and Beach Bar Cleaning.

  • The Coralli Camping & Bungalows restaurant operates according to HACCP standards.
  • Our team as well as all external partners who come in contact with the raw materials are equipped with masks and visors.
  • Up to 6 people per table are allowed, with the exception of families.
  • The placement of the tables of all our stores has been adapted, according to the Greek legislation, at a distance of 0.70m to 1.40m.
  • Tables and chairs are disinfected with a special antibacterial and antimicrobial cleaner before serving new guests, so that they can enjoy a pleasant and safe food experience in our restaurants.

Additional updates

  • We provide medical masks and gloves for our guests upon request
  • We have stopped the handshakes and adopted social distances, but our willingness and our desire to offer Greek hospitality remains unchanged!
  • We would like to thank you in advance for your personal responsibility and your efforts to maintain hygiene at Coralli Camping & Bungalows.
  • Following the measures taken by the World Health Organization and the Greek Government, it is the personal responsibility of all of us to keep our distance from other people / visitors who do not travel with us, more than 1.5 meters.